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 The Reception Room Magazines Difference:  Great Selection and LOWEST Prices!  


We do this by offering you and your practice or business Package Savings!  In fact, we invented Package Savings over 20 years ago!

Don’t pay too much for the Great Magazines that your customers, clients and patients look for when visiting your Waiting Room!

Running a business with a place for the public to Wait takes lots of your valuable time.  Reception Room Magazines will save you not only money but TIME!

For nearly 30 years, Reception Room Magazines has been the professional’s First Choice helping businesses get the best possible price and the best possible service for all their company’s waiting room magazine subscriptions.

You’ve got a business to run and don’t need the hassle of dealing with multiple Magazine Publishers. Leave billing and renewal notices to us.  We will take care of EVERYTHING FOR YOU!  Here’s how it works:

Browse our incredible selection of magazines and choose the magazines you want to order from our expansive list.

• Most Popular Magazines

• Best Deals

• Medical Offices

• Salons

• Spas and Health Clubs

• Hotels and Inns

• Car Dealers and Garages


Simply choose the magazines you’d like to order and go through our easy checkout process and you’re done!

We Take Care of All the Paperwork and Eliminate the Renewal Hassles for you!

We will send your information to all the publishers…send you a confirmation email of your order listing every magazine you’ve purchased.  We will even email you when it is time to renew all your magazines! 

It’s that Easy!  See what other Business Owners have been doing for over 20 years!

Are you already getting magazines directly from the publisher?  No problem…simply give us your subscription information and we’ll make sure those magazines are included in your Reception Room Magazines account.

So…Place Your Order TODAY….and Leave the Rest to us!


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"Reception Room Magazines has consistently been a great value for our practice. Great selections and a simple renewal process make it an easy choice for our Waiting Room Subscriptions!" Dr. Dino Cacchiotti and Team


"We have been doing business with Reception Room Magazines since 1995 and I have to say it has been a very pleasurable experience! We trust them for Quality Service!" Neva J. Williams


"Reception Room Magazines has put together a Terrific Value and Quality Service. ALL Waiting Rooms who want Magazines should order through them. We want to ensure there are high quality Magazines in all our Waiting Rooms. Patients may "Judge" an office by what type of Magazines are in their Waiting Room..." Heidi Quinn Dental Care Alliance Sarasota, FL


"Unlike many magazine Subscription Services I have ALWAYS known that my best value with Honesty has been with Reception Room Magazines! That is why I have used them for 17 years!” Dr. Raymond Kimseys



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